From Boo to Gobble

Two holidays down. The biggie still to come. Christmas should be an exciting one this year, as Hunter is old enough now to better understand what’s going on. It’s going to be so fun! Plus, we can also convince (read bribe) Hunter to listen, use manners, etc. by claiming to have Santa on speed dial and/or to use the Elf on a Shelf to communicate his daily “goodness.” No doubt that Sir Elf was the brainchild of a parent of a 3 1/2 year old! Splendidly brilliant. 🙂

More to come about Christmas during a later post. Meanwhile, Nana and Papa came to Oregon for Turkey Day. We had a nice week-long visit. Too bad the weather was Oregon’s typical fall/winter glory … rain, wind, foggy most days, followed by one day of sunshine. The boys enjoyed spending time with Nana and Papa, and in turn they enjoyed spoiling the boys. It’s a wonderful circle of goodness!

Between a pie auction at church to a gun/knife show (attended by Eric and Darrell), to movie night, almond roca candy makin’ and countless delicious meals, much fun was had by all. There was also a trip to the park, hiking to see waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park, and a visit from Aunt Layna and Uncle Nader (who drove down from Seattle for a night). Family times and good laughs were a plenty.

Maddox showed off his two-teeth-only grin and discovered his shrill, screaming voice. He also encouraged many rounds of his all-time favorite game – peekaboo! It gets a laugh or gutteral giggle every time. Nana was in awe of the fact that he’s wearing some 12 month – and even 18 month clothes (he’s only 7 1/2 months mind you!). We’ve taken to calling him “the Ox” as we’re thinking he’s going to continue growing at his current rate of bigness.

Other big news!? Hunter finally decided that potty training would come to an end and he’d officially be a “big, big, big, big boy.” Hooray! The consideration of only having one butt in diapers brings so much joy I can hardly stand myself. Happy early Christmas to Eric and I. (I hope I’m not jynxing us!)

In thinking back to the last post, I know it was right before Halloween, so I’m including a shot of the boys on Halloween night. The next weekend the four of us headed over to eastern Oregon (Ontario) to meet up with Uncle Stacy, Aunt Robin and new Cousin Madisyn. We exchanged Grammy Joan for a few boxes of her famous spicy dill pickles. Good deal! 🙂

It’s nice to have her home and get the boys’ school schedule all back to “normal” – Hunter four days, Maddox Monday and Tuesday, then home with Grammy on Wednesday and Thursday. It was a long two months without her here.

Well, Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving. Best wishes for a festive Christmas and New Year’s. Hugs, and much love to you all as this year comes to a close. If we saw you this year, we miss you…and if we didn’t see you, well, we miss you even more! 🙂

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