January Fun

I know we’re well into February, but, I must back up the calendar a little.

We had a great visit in January from Uncle Brad. He came to play for a whole week. As it turns out, even though it’s winter in Oregon, we had really nice weather for most of his visit. Hunter and Maddox showed Uncle Brad all over town.

We went for a gorgeous 2+ mile hike at Silver Falls, and we stayed two nights on the Oregon coast. While we were there, Hunter, Brad and Eric took an afternoon for a crabbing adventure. They caught a bunch of crab, but none were big enough to keep. So, we ate fresh seafood from various restaurants in town.

When “the guys” were crabbing, Maddox and I went to the Marine Science Center nearby. We saw octopus, baracuda-like fish, starfish and other sea urchin. Check out the picture of Maddox standing beside the barcuda-like fish tank…looks like the bug-eyed guy wants to eat him! You’ll note the water in the fish tank is quite murky. That’s because we had just arrived after a few days worth of high seas and stormy weather. The tanks are fed directly from the Newport Bay, so you can see all the dirt that had been stirred up from the storm. Kinda cool.

While on the coast, we (of course) walked on the beach several times. Unexpectedly, we also encountered a group of young bull elk just about 100 yards from our condo entrance. (When you see the photos, you’ll think they’re stuffed elk in a taxidermy shop…or perhaps in a display at Cabela’s…it’s crazy!)

On our way home from the beach, we stopped at a water park in Salem. Maddox went “swimming” for the first time. It was very cute. He loved splashing in the water. Like his big brother, Maddox is a natural!

Brad also got to attend the 3rd Metal Chef challenge. Eric competed against his third employee-chef, with Apples as the secret ingredient. Brad, Mom and I helped the other 97 guests taste and vote to see who reined supreme. We ate Ice Apple Tillamook Smoked Cheddar Fondue en Delice, Seared Jumbo Scallop with Spiced Apple Leather, Red Delicious Sweet Potato Pancake and Caramelized Apple Dark Chocolate Ravioli to name a few dish components (I know…YUM!) As you might guess, Eric took a three-peat win! Woo hoo. Way to go, honey! 🙂

Brad also came with us to complete the foursome at Western dance class. Joan let him lead…sometimes…. And, Brad learned a few new moves alongside Eric and I.

It was very nice to have Brad out here. The boys loved spending time with him and it was a relaxing few days off for Eric and I.

Happy Valentines Day to you all. Hugs and sloppy baby kisses to you all. 🙂

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