“…I sure am gonna miss you…”

…said Hunter from the backseat of Eric’s truck.

“Oh…why’s that?” Eric inquired.

“Well…I’m gonna marry Raegan and move out…and I’m just really gonna miss you,” explained Hunter.

“Hmmmm…so, you’re gonna marry Raegan, eh? Let’s talk about that,” Eric states, holding back a laugh.

“Yah,” Hunter answers with hesitation. Silence…deep breath. “No. I change my mind. I’m not gonna marry her. I want to live with you guys forever,” Hunter states pensively.

“Okay,” Eric answers, grinning broadly.

And, they go about their day.

Many similar conversations happen in our household on a regular basis. 2013 has proven to be quite a life-altering few months.

– Maddox turned two, with all the amazing, yet challenging circumstances that can bring. (You parents out there know exactly what I’m saying.)
– I got snagged in the last round of layoffs from the hospital. So, I’ve spent the past two months seeking my next great thing. I’ve scheduled a few interviews in the coming weeks. And, I’m hopeful that May is my month!
– Eric’s winery has officially begun construction on the new tasting room/restaurant. Eric has been directly involved and responsible for the design, budgeting, procurement, etc. of all things kitchen related. It’s been a challenging and educational experience for him…allowing for great exposure to things some chefs never get their hands on.
– And, as mentioned, Hunter has deep thoughts in the backseat of our cars. He also will start kindergarten in the fall, which has thrown me for a loop. I’m NOT ready for that! Hunter is. When we went to the pre-K introductory night a few weeks back, he was most excited about the playground. HA!

Spring has finally sprung at our house. My flowers are in bloom…including the miniature yellow roses on the driveway trellis. It’s been a two-summer battle with the neighborhood gang of deer. I am eager for the roses to bloom. The deer are eager for salad! There is no compromise there. Luckily, Eric found these wonderful little deer repellent thingies (technical term) at Ace Hardware, which seem to be doing the job. Hooray! Jodi 1. Deer 0.

With a solid week of sunny, 70s weather, we also made the decision to plant our raised bed garden. Orange and purple carrots, lettuces, kale, beets, snap peas, yellow and green squash, green onions, and corn. We’ll see what the garden angels have planned for our crops. Yum yum!

Speaking of yum, the four of us headed out to the beach with the boat. Our goal? Crab for dinner. It was a fun day for the Nelson crew. We only brought home one. Not the crab dinner extravaganza we had envisioned. While we caught about 30 crab in the pots that day, they were mostly females or too small. All said, it was nice to be on the water. And, we tried something different this time. We brought the crab home alive in a bucket of sea water. Eric cooked it fresh and made a delicious concoction of crab and artichoke dip. Can you say, “wow?!”

Another excursion included truffle hunting in the small forest at the base of Eric’s winery. We took our great friends Troy and Megan Stoops, along with Eric’s chef-friend, Quentin and his family. It was the first “hunt” of this kind any of us had been on. For being novices, we did quite well…coming away with about 8-10 nickel-sized truffles. Eric figures they were worth upwards of $500 if he had to pay for them from a restaurant vendor. Not a bad haul.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Diane came back through town on their way home to Seattle. One afternoon we took a hike up at Silver Falls state park. It was a nice day for sun and breathing fresh air.

Other visitors have included our good friends, Matt and Kaylee. They were in town for Madalyn’s soccer tournament in Portland. It had been a while since we’ve seen them. So, there was fun to be had.

We also visited with Brian Baker, Eric’s chef buddy from Keystone, Colorado. He was in town staying with Ben Jackson, another chef friend from Keystone, who now lives in Portland. We headed with them to wine country. What a fabulous day. Glorious weather, good wine, and great friends. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

The promise of a warm and wonderful summer is upon us. Let it be!

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1 thought on ““…I sure am gonna miss you…”

  1. Love the post! We are doing similar things around here as well. Kindergarten, planting gardens, beach and Ellie want to get married too- to Ryder. I’m hopeful this phase will pass. lol. I’m finally opening a pilates studio and Joey has plans for getting back in the kitchen on our own terms… fingers crossed for this secret endeavor. Good to hear you got to hang with Ben and Brian. Sure would have loved to be there with all you guys. We miss you and hope to all spend some together again, someday. Best wishes and have a fabulous summer! Love, The Fiano’s

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