“Call the cops and ask ’em…”

“…if you can speed, Mom,” said Hunter from the backseat. It was Maddox’s last day of daycare in Silverton. I was late and still picking up at two locations. Commuter traffic was exceptionally bad that night. I barely made it to pick up Hunter in Mt Angel before 6pm, let alone drive the additional 6 miles to Silverton in order to retrieve Maddox. I was explaining to Hunter that we had to hurry before they locked the doors. As we drove, Hunter looked out the window and thought about it. Then he suggested that if I needed to speed, I could just get permission from the cops to do so. If only it worked that way! 🙂

It’s been a while since my last post. Many a day has gone by, and there’s been multiple holidays. Rather than continue to put it off, for lack of time to write, I figured I better just get these photos posted before Hunter is driving himself!

The quick version of the past several months follows…. We spent Christmas in Iowa this year. We met up with Scott’s family: Cheryl and Walker (who turned 1 year old just before Christmas). Brad and Jen got married in a beautiful, intimate family ceremony. Hunter and Maddox had a blast with their new cousin, Payton (Jen’s son whose 6 years old). Snow sledding, sugar extravaganza, Ninga Turtles…oh my!

Eric’s kitchen is finally completed at the winery and they’re serving food again after about 9 months. It was the biggest “baby” Eric has ever delivered. Worth it too, as the new tasting room is absolutely gorgeous. Come out and enjoy a glass of vino…or two!

We transferred Hunter to a new Kindergarten and school. He is doing so much better now. And, he LOVES his new teacher, Ms. Mannix. (Not to be confused with Maddox!) Hunter draws her pictures all the time and writes his name in red (“because that’s Ms. Mannix’s favorite color”). Hunter has kissed Karly on the playground and they are going to be married soon. (Note that Karly is a couple of years older than Hunter. He takes after his daddy in more ways than one!)

Maddox is now back at the old daycare in Mt Angel as well. He is loving being back with Teacher Jean Marie. He’s learning his ABC’s, singing songs, creating art masterpieces, learning to share, etc. Basically all of the great things an almost 3 year old is supposed to learn.

My job at WebMD is going great. I really enjoy it and am learning so much every day.

I’ll leave you with one last giggle before sharing the photos. One night after walking home from dinner at Grammy’s house, the boys, Eric and I stopped to chat. Our good friends (and neighbors) were out in front of their house. The kids grabbed scooters and were scooting up and down the sidewalk.

Maddox pointed at Hunter and in his loud, singsong voice and said, “Look! Hunter’s riding a dirl tooter! HA! HA!” (Translation, “Look, Hunter’s riding a girl’s scooter!) We had several rounds of laughter about that one. Could have been one of those had-to-be-there kinda things. But man! That was funny! 🙂

Enjoy the photos. Warning, they span Halloween through Valentines!

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