Fun Times

Spring has gotten away from us…since today marks the first day of Summer. How did that happen? It’s called life, she mutters under her breath.

Much has changed in the Nelson household since our last post. Let’s do a running tally:
– Hunter is now officially a first grader! Yikes!
– Maddox had a birthday and became a busy (sometimes bossy) three year-old.
– Maddox has transitioned to the pre-school classroom at daycare.
– Because he’s officially a big boy now, Maddox has informed us that he is going to marry Faith – a girl at daycare that’s a year older…following in daddy’s footsteps :).
– Maddox tells us nearly everyday that he can’t wait to be a daddy. Double yikes!
– Hunter is about to turn six years old. The birthday party planning is underway.
– Upon measuring Hunter against the height and weight board last night, he is almost four feet tall.
– With a new perspective in his “older” eyes, Hunter decided he is no longer going to marry Carly. Now he is going to marry Sayler. Good thing he didn’t get that “Carly” tattoo he was talking about. (Just kidding about the name part, but he does talk about getting tattoos a lot…why? Unclear!)
– I have been at WebMD for one year and am still loving the job. The best news is that I’m able to work from home on Fridays now. It’s a great way to end the week.
– Eric’s restaurant (that isn’t a restaurant, but a winery that just happens to have food…wink wink) had its grand opening in May. It’s gorgeous and they’ve just begun two seatings of a four-course food and wine pairing event every Thursday through Sunday. Ya’ll come out and have a taste!
– In May, Eric was a part of the Mid Atlantic Wine & Food Festival in Delaware. He was one of 90 chefs from around the world serving various wine-paired courses to guests. Each meal was served at different locations, ranging from casinos, resorts, restaurants, and other places throughout Delaware. His final event was a five-course affair for 100+ people served in a rustic barn. He met some amazing chefs (including Chef David from QVC) and thoroughly enjoyed himself. We are so proud of him!
– Over the course of about 48 hours, we thought we were going to lose Sadie lady. Turns out she had some weird 48 hour bug. 😦 She was lethargic, wouldn’t eat or drink, and had a very sad look in her brown eyes. The night that we thought was her last, Eric slept on the floor beside her. (So sweet!) Magically, the next morning she was all better and she’s returned to her normal self. Hooray!
– Over spring break, we had a super fun visit with Uncle Brad, Aunt Jen and Cousin Payton. We went hiking at Silver Falls and stayed two nights at a condo right on the beach. The cousins got along like peas and carrots, and can’t wait to hang out again.
– A couple of weeks ago we all headed back to Iowa. We went to remember Great Grandpa Buechler. It was so wonderful to be together with our family and friends. We are grateful that the boys met Great Grandpa over the years. They have fond memories of riding the John Deere gator with him on the farm.
– Speaking of farm, our “back 40” (feet) is growing great…sporting some corn, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, kale, blueberries, strawberries, yellow and green zucchini squash and various fresh herbs. We’re hoping for a nice yield and a summer of goodness for our bellies.
– We’ve also seen some amazing growth of our flowering bushes. It’s like an overgrown tropical garden. We definitely need to find some time for weeding and trimming soon or it may take over the house!
– And, last but certainly not least…I’ll leave you with a child-inspired chuckle. Maddox and his fellow classmates were playing outside at daycare. Maddox had gathered a bouquet of flowers that he proudly carried inside. Teacher Jean Marie said it was time for everyone to do their potty job. Maddox walked into the bathroom (still holding his bouquet…with both hands). He looked at the teacher. Looked at the toilet. Looked at the flowers. Then he said, “Teacher, can you please hold my penis, because my hands are full with these flowers!” (Goodness sake! At least he used his manners.)

Enjoy the photos!

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