The Growing Ups

Maddox has taken to calling everyone whose an adult “the growing ups” – his take on “grown ups,” we believe. Super cute every time he says it. (But I’m a bit biased.)

I’d say, however, Maddox’s pet name for all of us older folk is a great theme for this post…and our entire summer. It’s certainly been a busy one. Not unlike usual, it has been full of family, friends and fun. We are so very blessed!

In July, Hunter turned six. Six! Can you believe it?! We had his birthday party at the theater. We watched the new Disney Planes movie in 3D. The first time all the kids had seen a 3D movie and it was fun to watch their expressions as the planes came straight at ’em.

I also had a birthday. I’m a little older than six. Enough said.

Eric and I just had our eighth anniversary. To celebrate we used a (nearly expired) overnight stay at the Oregon Garden Resort…complete with spa package, dinner, bottle of wine and a live musician in the lounge. It was fantastic. Relaxing. And, just what the doctor ordered. πŸ™‚

Also in July was the WebMD company picnic at Oaks Park Amusement Park. You may recall we went last summer. But I’d only been with WebMD for a month. Now I’ve been there more than a year and I’m still really enjoying it. Learning something new every day!

The winery is pumping along. Busy. Busy. Busy. Eric and his small but mighty team have been wowing folks with their culinary creations. The Oregon weather has been marvelous this summer and people are really digging their wine and food pairings served out on the gorgeous deck. Many a glass of pinot is shared taking in the amazing valley views.

In August, Nana and Papa came for a weeklong visit. We took a jet boat ride up the Rogue River, played in the ocean, ate great food (suprised?) and truly enjoyed some wonderful weather and family time. Nana, Grammy, the boys and I went to the Enchanted Forest – a little amusement park near Eric’s winery.

Toward the end of the week, Aunt Layna and Great Gramma Marjorie came down from Seattle. We all went up to Eric’s boss’ cabin on Detroit Lake. Jim has a multi-room hotel/resort right on the marina. It was amazing. Jim has a giant cruising boat, a speed boat, two jet skis, two paddle boards. Well…you know, all the fun toys! We had a blast.

When we got home, Cousin Carol Bath came to town and we walked down to our local Park. The park was full of tents, as they were holding a huge art fair. Everyone really enjoyed walking around and seeing what the artists had to sell. It was a nice way to end the week.

Summer was coming to a close and it wouldn’t be summer without a day at the ballpark. So, we grabbed Hunter’s BFF, Liam, and went to a Keizer Volcanoes game. The Volcanoes are a minor league team with a field located near us. It was a perfect evening. Hot dogs, red licorice, and watching the fellas take few laps around the bases. Eric was a trooper and kept the boys entertained in the side yard (when the baseball game became WAY too boring). Grammy and I caught a few more innings and enjoyed a nice cold beer! Thanks babe…you’re a team player! πŸ™‚

Grammy had a birthday, too. Since I’m older than six…. Hmmm…she must be…a growing up!

It’s September. In the last couple of days you can feel the change in the air. Labor Day has come and gone. Hunter officially started first grade. Yep, folks! We have a first grader! He’s doing really well and he seems to like his teacher, Mrs. Freshour. She looks like she’s in her mid-twenties. Funny to see that and recall memories of elementary school myself.

Not to be out-done, Maddox officially started pre-school. He’s been working so hard at potty training, which he chooses to do himself…on his own terms. (Good grief it couldn’t happen soon enough for all of us.) This weekend we may have had a breakthrough! (fingers, toes and everything else that crosses) He’s decided to ONLY wear underwear. No more pullups for him! He’s “a big boy” now.

This morning he woke up (after having only wore his favorite superman underwear to bed) in a puddle of pee. Poor little guy (thank goodness for waterproof bed covers). He got so mad. He bolted up in bed and said in his gentle little voice (those of you that know Maddox well know that he only has one volume: LOUD!), “Hunter peed in THIS bed and now I can’t sleep here anyMORE!”

It took him a while before he would believe me…that it wasn’t Hunter who peed the bed, but Maddox. After his little brain processed this reality for a while he put his head down and said, “It’s okay Mom. It was a little accident.”

“I know buddy. I know!”

Becoming a “growing up” way too fast! πŸ™‚

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