“But Daddy can’t go to a wedding…

…he’s already married to Mommy for a long time!” argued Maddox. You see, we were talking about plans for the weekend and I mentioned to Grammy that Eric and I were going to a wedding – of a friend that works at Eric’s winery.

Honestly, I’d have to agree that Maddox’s logic makes perfect sense. 🙂

There’s been a lot happening at the Nelson household this fall, winter and (now) spring. My apologies that it’s been so long since the last blog post. Embarrassingly long. Since September. Good grief. Hunter has lost four teeth, I’ve been able to work from home on Fridays and Mondays (woo hoo), Maddox is getting older and wiser by the day, and Eric (as usual) is killing it at the winery!

Speaking of Maddox, he’s going to be four years old on the 8th. Four! Years. Old. What?! How did that happen? We joke that he’s four turning forty! He is wise beyond his years and his one-liners just kill us some days. He pays attention to everything. Doesn’t necessarily “listen” and react the way we want him to. But, that’s all going to be better now. Why you ask? Because at our house when you turn four years old you automatically gain your BIONIC LISTENING EARS! Yay!

We started that when Hunter was this age and listening was NOT his favorite subject either. When Hunter turned four, we made a BIG deal of the bionic ears and it actually WORKED…for about a week. But a blissful week it was. And, we can still use the bionic ears thing to this day … and he’s almost seven.

Seven!? What?! How did that happen? (But that’s a future blog post)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Maddox and the bionic listening ears. We’ve (again) been making a big deal about his upcoming ear-transplant surgery. It happens magically in the night when you’re sleeping, you know? Well, he’s pretty excited. So are WE! I’ll keep you posted on how this goes. It’s only four days away! Woot woot! 🙂

In other news, Hunter is really doing great in the 1st grade. He’s made big, BIG strides since September. Reading in that hesitant, staccato, new-reader sort of way. But man. It’s so awesome to hear him sound out those words and to see the proud look on his face when he reads a whole book. He got 100% on his first-ever spelling test in the universe! (Proud mama moment!) Eric and I (and sometimes Grammy) have spent countless hours sitting beside Hunter as he works really HARD on his spelling words, preparing for that Friday spelling test. He’s got a great mind for numbers (must have come from Daddy), so math is going well, too. Hunter is very much a techie! Their classroom does a lot with computer learning games, and those are his favorite. Recently he taught Daddy and I a trick on the computer that we didn’t know. Yikes. It begins….

The winery is busier and busier every day. And, now with summer coming on they’re sure to hit astronomical new highs. They’ve been cooking up the four-course food and wine pairing dinners every Friday and Saturday night since last fall. A food reporter from the Statesman Journal (the newspaper from Salem, Oregon’s capital) attended one of the dinners recently and wrote a nice article. Check it out here. Sometime soon, Eric is going to do a cooking event with chef Michael Symon from the Food Network (you know, the bald guy)! So proud of you, honey! 🙂

Hope things are going well in your world. Hugs and kisses until the next post.

P.S. keep your fingers crossed that the bionic ears work! And, those of you with smaller children (or grandchildren) you are WELCOME for the idea!

Get ready for a time warp as the photos begin October through all the holidays to the present! Click


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